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To understand how lash serums work, and how specific ingredients can positively (or negatively) affect not just hair health, but our health overall, it is important to understand the life cycle of your hair. Each strand goes through four stages during its lifetime, and we’ve briefly explained each one for you, here:

1st - Anagen

This is the best bit - the growth phase! Luckily for us, it’s also the longest lasting. It takes its course over a period that’s anywhere between 4 and 10 weeks and basically determines length. The longer the growth phase, the longer the hair! During this time, each strand is firmly attached to the follicle, which is essentially it’s ‘root’ beneath your skin, where it gets all the nourishment it needs from the blood vessels at its base. 

To prolong the timeframe your hair is actively growing, we popped a bunch of peptides and extracts into Lumi Lash Serum, targeting intense capillary stimulation directly to the hair root, whilst turbo charging your bodies production of keratin - the natural building blocks of hair

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2nd - Catagen

A short transition period which pretty much signals the beginning of the end. Having exhausted its growing phase, hair will spend an average of about 10 days shrinking the follicle before finally detaching from the dermal papilla. This cuts the hair off from its blood supply, and the cells that promote growth.

With very little growth during this time, it is extra important to nourish your lashes so they don’t break or easily fall out. With more lashes in place, you got that fuller lash line, gf! More peptides and natural extracts increase blood flow to the hair root, shortening the catagen phase, and promoting optimal hair anchorage. Hydrators thicken, increase elasticity and prevent damage.

3rd - Telogen

Fully grown hair now enters a resting phase that lasts approximately 3 months. When you think about what it may have endured over the last few years, like heat, chemicals, styling tools, and free radicals, we can’t really begrudge it a bit of down time, can we? 10-15% of our hair is in this relaxed state at any given time, during which, it’s successor hair begins to grow. 

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4th - Exogen

Goodbyes are always hard, but this shedding phase really hits us where it hurts. In its terminal stage, hair is gradually loosened from the follicle before falling away completely. Do we wish it didn’t have to be this way? Yes. But is it a totally normal part of even having hair in the first place? Yes. Ah, the circle of life. Onto bigger, better, more beautiful things (hairs).

Lumi Lash does you a solid here by speeding up the 3rd and 4th cycles. Hair loss? Boring! Next! Two super extracts work their magic during these phases to prevent the continued loss of hair and radically speed up the growth of those sweet, sweet baby hairs.


Some lash serums contain Bimatoprost - a chemical known as a prostaglandin analogue. We probably don’t need to tell you that chemicals + eyes = very, very bad. But just to be super clear… it’s bad. Bimatoprost is commonly used as a medication to treat glaucoma, and comes bearing a whole host of potential side effects. Infection, blurred vision, chronic irritation, swelling, pain, permanent darkening of the iris (yes… it can actually change your eye colour!) sunken eyes AND disruption of hormone health potentially affecting fertility.

Yeah, that’s gonna be a no from us dawg.

Lumi Lash is 100% vegan and natural. 

Safe, trusted formulas

Rest easy knowing Lumi Beauty products are safe and healthy to use in your everyday routine. Our products have no unwanted side effects, and no long term health risks.

- Prostaglandin-free
- Gluten-free
- Paraben-free
- Toxin-free
- Dye-free
- Synthetic fragrance-free
- Phthalate-free
- Castor oil-free
- PEG-free
- Petrolatum-free

Lumi products are also always cruelty free and lab certified vegan.